Cossacks In-Depth Analysis of the Wild Hunt Slot Machine

Foxium’s Cossacks: The Wild Hunt slot machine, which is supported by the Microgaming software used by the casinos we recommend, will become live in September 2021.

Players may spin on a 6×6 gameboard with the aid of Roman, Taras, and Yana to compete for a prize of up to 10,000x their wagers.

Modeling a Slot

The Cossacks: Wild Hunt online slot machine features a massive 66 gameboard with 46,656 possible ways to win.

A Blocker Symbol can not contribute to winning combinations and cannot stand in for any other symbol; it appears exclusively on the outside reels.

FoxifyTM allows you to get rid of these symbols, but it costs 5x your wager.

We increased our stake from $3.00 to $15.00 every spin, and the Wonderways increased from 10800 to their maximum.

If you land a different number of blockers, the Wonderways will change accordingly. However, if you turn on Foxify, the Wonderways will remain constant at 46,656.

This slot machine has an RTP of 96.19%, but it increases to 96.22% when FoxifyTM is activated, 96.11% when the free spin multiplier is 1x, 96.18% when it’s 10x, and 96.21% when it’s 20x.

The slot machine has constant medium-high volatility.

Since the slot’s minimum spin wager is only $0.20 and its highest is $25,000, it’s suitable for a broad variety of gamblers.

FoxifyTM increases the maximum wager per spin to $125.00 and lowers the minimum bet each spin to $1.00.

The game has some nice visuals, including an animated backdrop and owl, candles, and woodland fog that give the slot a mysterious atmosphere.

The music and woodland noises are eerily atmospheric, adding to the game’s gloomy atmosphere.

The music and sound effects are integrated into nearly every aspect of the game, from wins to multiplier adjustments and beyond.

As can be seen in the photo, music and sound effects are combined into one package, making it impossible to disable one while leaving the other on.

Slot Functions

The game’s Wilds can stand in for any other icon aside from the Scatters to complete winning combinations. The Block symbols do not act as wildcards and do not contribute to any winning combinations. They only create empty spots that make the paylines shorter.

There are only 7 block symbols in this image, hence the number of possible paylines (called Wonderways) is 10,800/46,656. Since the number of obstructions varies from spin to spin, so do the Wonderways.

The reels of WonderwaysTM are separated into an outer and an inner section. The first and sixth reels, as well as the uppermost row, make up the perimeter. The total number of WonderwaysTM is determined by the game’s placement of Blocker symbols throughout the three outside zones during a spin.

With no Blocker symbols in play, there can be a maximum of 46,656 WonderwaysTM. A victory triggers a cascade, in which the winning symbols are swapped out for new ones, and payouts are tallied from left to right. The reward multiplier increases by one for each subsequent victory. After the first losing combination, the multiplier returns to 1.

The “To Arms” feature of this slot means that arrows may appear at any time during gameplay. Six-of-a-kind wins are guaranteed whenever any symbol is hit, and further payouts are possible.

Let the Animals Out! Blades can slash through the reel at any time, striking symbols at random. These icons will substitute for others to complete winning combinations.

Scatters in this game are letters, and when they spell H U N T, you’ll win 8 free spins. During this bonus round, any further scatters you get will trigger 2 additional free spins. Each victory throughout the feature also results in a permanent 1x multiplier for the remainder of the feature. There is no cap on the multiplier, which begins at 1. Collecting the Axes symbols that appear during this feature will grant you an additional 3 free games if you get 4 of them.

With the Buy Free Spins function, a player may pay a certain amount to immediately unlock 8 free games. You may upgrade your free spins with a multiplier of 1x, 10x, or 20x. Purchasing the spins will not change the price and will disable the FoxifyTM function.

Due to gambling prohibitions, this function may be unavailable in some countries. Eight free spins at the current wager level will cost one hundred times that amount.

The FoxifyTM function allows players to clear the board of Blocker Symbols without increasing the value of the paying symbols, albeit at the expense of 5x the stake.


Players will find a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction in Cossacks: The Wild Hunt and its WonderwaysTM.

This slot machine may award up to 10,000 times the initial wager, has over 46,600 chances to win, and an infinite multiplier during free spins.

There are a few drawbacks to the game, such as the Blocker Symbol and the FoxifyTM tool, which can eliminate the symbol, but at the exorbitant cost of 5x the bet.

Slots players seeking for a game with a medium-high volatility and a good maximum bet of up to 25.00$ won’t be disappointed with this one.

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