Overview of the Slot Game, “The Magic Orb Hold & Win”

The Magic Orb is a magical addition to iSoftBet’s extensive Hold & Win family of slot machines. The Magic Orb was a breath of fresh air because grid slots seldom appear in the series. Especially considering that the past several Hold & Wins we evaluated came out as artificial and uninteresting. This was an opportunity to start again and explore if the series still had any surprises in store. Fortunately, they may be discovered in what was ultimately a fun but not very memorable slot machine.

The power of the power Orb is hidden behind a twisted border surrounding the 7×7 game board, some lightning, and a surreal, almost extraterrestrial backdrop. Wherever this is, rocks are stacked dangerously against a hazy pink and purple sky. It has a mystical quality and is impressive enough to make one wonder how well the real gaming functions.

The Magic Orb may be played for 20 percent up to £/€20 each drop on desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. Alternatively, the Super Bet can be activated for an additional 25% to the total cost, doubling the potential number of Orb prizes won. Since the central symbol does not change position, each spin deposits a total of 48 symbols. This inanimate object is the Magic Orb itself, which can bring about a random modifier or reward one of two bonus rounds. The Magic Orb has a Return to Player (RTP) of 95.94% and is moderately to highly volatile.

When 5 or more identical symbols line up either horizontally, vertically, or in a mix of both, a win is paid using a cluster payouts method. All 8 of the winning symbols are gems, proving their widespread appeal. Four unbordered gems of varying colors are worth 2-10x the wager for a cluster size of 15+, but four gems with gold borders are worth 25-500x the bet for the same cluster size. The wild symbol is the last symbol discussed before we move on to the characteristics. To complete winning clusters, wilds will substitute for all other symbols (excluding bonus and scatter symbols).

Slot Machine Options for “The Magic Orb Hold & Win”

The Magic Orb’s characteristics are not lacking in any way. There is a lot for players to discover, including cascades, four modifiers, a Hold & Win feature, free drops, and more.


When a symbol is a winner, it is removed from the board and makes room for a new sign to fall into its place. If this procedure creates other clusters, the pattern will continue to appear.

A Mystical Sphere

The Magic Orb appears in the center of the reels and does not trigger a cascade. Any one of the following modifiers might be awarded at random on any given spin:

The Orb can take symbols from the reels and change them into a different symbol to increase the likelihood of a win.

Adding wildcards to a grid increases the chance of a victory.

For the length of this spin, a multiplier of 2, 3, 5, or 10 will be applied.

All pay symbols are broken off the reels, but for one.

When you get three or more “Free Drops,” you’ll win a certain number of free spins.

Hold&Win – activates Hold & Win respins mechanically.

Drops for Free

Get three scatters anywhere on the board, or use the Magic Orb to trigger free drops. During this bonus round, there is a progressive win multiplier that starts at 1 and grows by 1 after each cascade. The Magic Orb can bestow either a Transform, Wild, Destruction, or Extra Drops during the free drops.

The Hold and Win Function

Bestowed by the Magic Orb or upon the appearance of the required minimum of five Hold & Win coin scatter symbols. Coins may be used to return the number of spins to the default value of three and can also be used to advance on the reward ladder. When the pot is full, the winner receives the Mega Prize worth 250 times the wager, while the Mini, Major, and Maxi pots are each worth 25 times, 50 times, and 100 times the bet, respectively. If you trigger this feature, you will receive a Mini Prize Pot as a minimum payout.

Slot Machine’s “Magic Orb” Holds the Key to Victory

It was reported around the time of testing that scientists had witnessed the first living robots reproduce in a way not seen in animals or plants. It’s not impossible to see these xenobots continually duplicating and eventually taking over the globe, even if there’s obviously much more to the tale than that. It’s as if iSoftBet has lost control of the Hold & Win range, which has taken on a life of its own and is rapidly duplicating. If things continue as they are, one day soon there will be nothing but garbage piles and armies of xenobots playing Hold ’em poker. Shocking, I tell you.

The Magic Orb is an intriguing option from iSoftBet’s Hold & Win lineup, so there’s no need to run away just yet. It’s a bit more unique than its contemporaries since, for one, it’s a grid slot rather than the more standard 5×3 format. In addition to the standard features of a grid slot, this one additionally has a progressive multiplier, free drops, cascades, and a streak respin bonus. Even the Magic Orb at its center adds a dash of originality. The Orb is annoying because it occupies valuable real estate that could have been used to build clusters of pay symbols. It’s a mixed bag, since there are occasions when the Orb Prizes assist set off a domino effect of winnings. The maximum payout of 20,776x is more appealing, as it is adequate for a grid slot but unusually high for a Hold & Win machine.

The Magic Orb doesn’t feel destined for huge things, despite the big figures. Nothing jars the experience or detracts from the pleasure, but nothing propels the game into the stratosphere, either. The run through was smooth, but it didn’t leave us with a strong urge for a redo. Maybe all those precious stones dulled our sense of self.

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